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Back up safely with cameras

Get added safety features for your auto

Learn about the driving assistance solutions our team can offer. Let our professionals install backup cameras and sensors, Bluetooth-enabled hands-free devices, advanced lighting systems, security systems, and more to ensure both you and your investment are kept safe.

Let the latest technology assist you

  • Install backup cameras and sensors to see what's behind you before you hit it.

  • Get LED / HID lighting systems to set off your car in the dark.

  • Add Novero and Parrot Bluetooth products to talk safely while driving. Integrate navigation systems that respond to your voice so you can receive directional assistance safely. Stay safe from speeding tickets by installing radar detection systems. Choose from brands like K40, Bell, and Escort Electronics.

  • Keep your car safe from burglary with a security system installation. Receive high-quality, factory-authorized systems that include a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Contact us for information about the Viper 350 Plus 1-way car security system and other security options.


Momento Dash Cameras

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Avoid a variety of dangers you might face when driving, including backing into another vehicle. Let us install sensors and cameras to assist you while backing up. Keep your hands on the wheel with our Bluetooth solutions!

Find all the car electronics you want at our locally-owned, certified shop.

Avoid another backup disaster by calling us today!

Drive safely with our electronic solutions while enjoying quality sound with one of our Alpine head units. Warm up the car with a remote starter this winter! Contact us today to ask about our custom solutions.